Please read end join our campain to keep human rights of people with Down syndrome.

Please read and join our campaign to keep human rights for people with Down syndrome.
This campaign is prepared in Japanese, but you can use Google translation.

This campain is prepared in Japanese, but you can use Google transration.


We are wel come to exchange in this matter, prenatal diagnosis and human rights.

Affected People with Down Syndrome The people affected by this problem are the people with Down Syndrome, people with disabilities, and their loved ones and friends. Many people with Down Syndrome are born and live in Japan and around the world , and they are also playing various roles. Down’s syndrome is a person who was born with an accidental excess of the 21st chromosome. Currently, the government is taking the initiative to find and abort a foetation with Down syndrome. It violates the human rights and the standing of people with Down syndrome.

◎ Past measures : Prenatal diagnosis became a big problem in 1999 when the probability of a feet with Down’s syndrome was given by a serum marker test, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare at that time often received opinions from organizations of persons with disabilities at the Health Science Council. Hearing, the Ministry of Health said, ” The gist of this view is that maternal serum marker testing tends to be under-explained, it only indicates the possibility of fetal disease, and that the fetal Due to the nature and problems of having concerns about being performed as a mass screening test for the purpose of detecting diseases, doctors do not need to actively inform pregnant women of this test information and should recommend this test. It is not the case. ”Was notified of related organizations and local governments. However, behind this was the problem that many patient groups and disability groups “promote human rights violations for persons with disabilities.”

◎ Problems of this measure: However, the measure issued this timeIs the opposite of the conventional view, “The government should proactively inform pregnant women by doctors.” Specifically, “The new information provision system plan of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare targets all pregnant women. Public health nurses will give face-to-face explanations as one of the information on pregnancy and childbirth at the time of the issuance of the Maternal and Child Health Handbook at the counter and the timing of the first pregnancy examination. It even includes things. There are pros and cons to the medical technology of prenatal testing, but there is no rationale or ethical basis for the country to actively promote it .

◎ Mistakes in dominant policy: The dominant idea is to classify people according to their attributes, discriminate against them, and sometimes kill them. Both Nazi Germany and Nazi Germany have internationally denied dominant policies , but discrimination against persons with disabilities and repression are It will lead to widening disparity among those who do not and the destruction of society. March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day . Let’s oppose this wrong national policy and protect the human rights of people with Down Syndrome and ourselves. People with Down Syndrome are gentle, gentle and attractive. Please know more. Let’s create a kind and warm society.

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